• upd: 7z.exe to 9.20
  • upd: Added a warning if ISO creation was skipped
  • upd: Added a warning about KB2686509 compatibility with tweaks and removals
  • fix: OEM Branding option caused a generic error occured in gdi+
  • fix: Direct KB975254 integration for XP Pro
  • upd: Brazilian Portuguese translation
  • upd: Deeper file version inspection during integration comparison
  • upd: Direct integration support for many more hotfixes, mainly XP (including x64)
  • upd: 'entries.ini' as a single-file update pack support
  • fix: Internet Explorer 8 direct integration (including x64)
  • fix: 'entries' in an update pack path was not allowed
  • fix: Runtime error on browse
  • fix: Temp folder change applied late
  • new: NeededComponents and KeepFiles for entries.ini
  • upd: IE8 beta 2 integration support
  • upd: MMSSETUP.CAB files autoupdated
  • fix: IE removal if IE7 integrated
  • fix: Wmp11 x64 hotfixes direct integration
  • fix: 'Firewire Networking' was needed for some cameras
  • fix: Index error popup with some addons
  • fix: Out of memory error with some addons
  • fix: Russian NLS file removed with other langs
  • fix: Missing nLite.inf if only Tweaks selected
  • fix: KB951376 direct integration
  • fix: XP SP3 manual install (winnt32) issues
v1.4.5 Final
  • upd: XP SP3 Slipstream under Vista, CD-Key issue fix
v1.4.5 beta 2
  • upd: XP SP3 build 5503 support (WMI service failing)
v1.4.5 beta
  • new: Internet Explorer 8 integration support
  • new: Component dependency warnings
  • new: 'File System Encryption'
  • new: 'Network Diagnostic' (XP SP3)
  • new: 'Wired AutoConfig' (XP SP3)
  • new: 'Network Access Protection Agent' (XP SP3)
  • new: 'Extensible Authentication Protocol Service' (XP SP3)
  • new: 'Health Key and Certificate Management Service' (XP SP3)
  • fix: Chinese Help removal
  • fix: SIF error WinNTDirectories Value 307 with Dell OEM
  • fix: Security Center removal (XP SP3)
  • fix: Addon H-Cannot create a file, already exists
  • fix: Setup stops at Saving settings
  • fix: Crashing under Vista during processing or Hotfixes insertion
v1.4 Final
  • upd: Read-only attributes removed
  • upd: Returned Netdde and Visual Tweaks
  • upd: nvraid integration will not auto-insert sata_ide from now on
  • upd: KB933729, KB939653 non-English support
  • fix: SFC/WFP popup on device installation (e.g. USB stick inserted)
  • fix: Luna theme settings were not applied if no themes integrated
  • fix: Certain combination of removals causing textmode error in 2k3
v1.4 RC2
  • fix: Network Provision removal breaking services
  • fix: System Restore disk percentage minimum set to 10
v1.4 RC
  • new: Password expiration Unattended option
  • upd: Addons (added [Strings],[UpdateCabs] and automatic i386 files detection for 64bit)
  • upd: KB937143,kb925398 direct integration
  • fix: Argentina added to the Location setting
  • fix: My Computer - Context Menu tweaks
  • fix: 1689 error during Intel textmode driver integration
  • fix: x64 sp2 unattended IIS install (was breaking installation)
  • fix: FIPS compliant
  • fix: Win2k Iswow64 error on Slipstream Select
  • fix: Shell HW Detection service can't start
  • fix: Network Monitor removal (breaking Computer Browser in 2k3)
  • rem: Removed a few Visual Effects in Tweaks (bsod at logon on German Windows)
  • rem: Removed Network DDE for Win2k (hanging at saving settings)
v1.4 beta
  • new: 'RPC Locator'
  • new: 'Net Logon'
  • new: 'Microsoft Color Management (ICM)'
  • new: 'IExpress Wizard'
  • new: 'Share Creation Wizard'
  • new: 'Visual Basic 5 and 6 runtimes'
  • new: 'MS XML 2.0 runtimes'
  • new: 'Kerberos Service'
  • new: 'Configure Your Server Wizard'
  • new: 'Route Listening Service'
  • new: 'Ramdisk'
  • new: 'Simple TCP/IP Services'
  • new: 'Certificate Services (2k3)'
  • new: 'Network Load Balancing Manager (2k3)'
  • new: 'Intersite Messaging Service (2k3)'
  • new: 'File Replication (2k3)'
  • new: 'Special Administration Console Helper (2k3)'
  • new: 'Server Appliance Kit (2k3)'
  • new: 'Security Configuration Wizard (2k3)'
  • new: Few tweaks in the Tweaks page
  • new: Fast User switching compatibility option
  • upd: 'Active Directory Services (2k3)'
  • upd: Better addon file version failure handling
  • fix: WFP/SFC file filtering if left enabled
  • fix: x64 SP2 tcpip patch
  • fix: Hide IE and My computer desktop icons (2k)
  • new: 1000hz USB polling patch option
  • update: x64 SP2 tcpip patch support
  • update: KB931768-x64 support
  • update: Removed Tahoma font dependency to run nLite
  • fix: IE7 x64 integration (blank browse, Avg install)
  • fix: Svcpack.inf double entries
  • fix: tffsport.sys missing (Win2k)
  • fix: Index error during driver integration
  • fix: ftemp file missing during hotfix pack integration
v1.3 Final
  • new: Corrupted CAB detection
  • new: Wmp11 Slipstreamer support
  • new: Unattended - Skip OOBE
  • new: Unattended - Regional - Location
  • new: Indonesian translation
  • new: Tablet PC compatibility option
  • fix: Show desktop icon (XP only)
  • fix: IE7 integration for 64bit 2003 Server
  • fix: Intel graphics driver integration
  • fix: Textmode drivers missing sys files on manual install
  • fix: KB841356, KB924667, KB925876, KB928090, KB928255
  • fix: Intel CPU removal
v1.3 RC2
  • fix: Correct MSI Installer registry permission
  • fix: txtsetup_files_pro/home addon entry support
  • fix: Txtsetup.sif End of line char cleanup
  • fix: Various ISO page correction
v1.3 RC
  • new: Tweak - Minimal Power Management
  • update: 'Save Dump' upgraded to 'Symbolic Debugger'
  • fix: Erase then burn stuck at erase
  • fix: Users creation (with spaces in names)
  • fix: Missing nhelper (at conservative usage)
  • fix: ExtraFileEdits addon entry support (multiple lines)
  • fix: x64 Help removal (could cause many components to fail)
  • fix: Integrate themes selection (theme removed from the list)
  • fix: USBPort patch (if duplicate file in cabinets)
v1.3 beta
  • update: x64 SP2 RC support
  • update: No more popups during install and first logon
  • update: KB920213,KB927977,KB927978 integration
  • update: New addons entries support ('Obsolete_files', 'AddDirective', 'IgnoreFileVersions')
  • update: TCPIP patch does not trigger recompression
  • fix: IIS Compatibility option in Windows 2003
  • fix: Silicon Image 3112 SATA-Raid integration
  • fix: IE7 integration for x64 and some minor fixes
  • fix: HDAudio hotfix (KB888111) integration
  • fix: nLite unattended switch for processing presets
  • new: 'Protected Storage'
  • new: 'HTTP SSL'
  • new: 'Dial-up Support'
  • new: 'H323 MSP'
  • new: 'Certificate Management'
  • new: 'Iomega Zip drive'
  • new: 'USB Video Capture devices'
  • new: 'Group Policy Management Console'
  • new: 'DirectX'
  • new: 'Help Engine'
  • new: 'Auditing Resource Dlls'
  • new: 'Local Security Settings'
  • new: Danish translation
  • fix: Invalid argument when loading old version presets
  • fix: Unable to cast object with certain settings
  • fix: nvraid SATA/RAID pnp auto-insert excluded for Legacy
v1.2 Final
  • update: Internet Explorer 7 Final integration support
  • update: Better file version readout from some specific hotfixes
  • update: KB917021, KB920342 non-english direct integration
  • fix: optional.inf missing and setupenv error on Cursors removal
  • fix: Build number readout (now shows whole version)
  • fix: Admin full name was shown instead of user name
  • fix: Autologon to none to ensure that OOBE runs
  • fix: Modems drivers removal breaks Bluetooth modem support
  • fix: Crash after CD copy
v1.2 RC
  • fix: Verify burned files
  • fix: Desktop Theme integration when only one .theme file integrated
  • fix: Desktop Theme import 'InvalidArgument' error
  • fix: Cluster service removal was breaking Windows 2003 Enterprise edition
  • fix: Windows 2000 command prompt tweak title
  • fix: Proper burner selection with multiple drives
  • fix: Tweak: 'Remove Help and Support' from start menu was missing
  • fix: Services showing after removed
  • fix: ISO page crash if no recording device in the machine
  • fix: Mouse cursors leftovers if removed
  • fix: Domain Group User and Password textbox disabled
  • fix: NTFS.SYS boot error if more than one SP and merged
  • fix: Windows 2000 Update Rollup 1 integration
  • update: 16-bit support component not needed for DirectX install
  • update: Allowed asterisk for Computer Name
  • update: Direct integration for KB918899 non-English
  • update: Printer Support compatibility now protects Smart Cards component
v1.2 Beta
  • general
  • new: XP Media Center edition support
  • new: Desktop Themes integration
  • new: User accounts unattended setup
  • new: Merge Cabinets option
  • new: Burning ISO on CD/DVD
  • new: Remove duplicate files option
  • new: Unattended nLite processing with switches
  • new: Prompt repair Unattended mode
  • update: Moved Patches to the Options page, Services to Tweaks
  • update: Windows 2003 (x86 and x64) SP2 beta compatibility
  • update: Internet Explorer 7 RC1 and KB921398, KB914798, KB840374, KB897338... integration
  • update: Services config, only changed states applied, added new ones
  • fix: Textmode 64bit driver integration (VIA RAID, NVRAID, Intel Promise RAID...)
  • fix: Driver integration in multiple sessions (was missing files sometimes)
  • components
  • new: Extensible Storage Engine (Esent97)
  • new: Visual Basic Scripting support
  • new: Comtrol Test Terminal Program
  • new: Format drive support (separated from Floppy support)
  • new: Serial Pen Tablet
  • new: IBM PS/2 TrackPoint
  • new: ALI 1535 SMBus Host Controller
  • new: CPU Intel, AMD, Crusoe
  • new: Blaster/Nachi removal tool
  • new: Cluster service (win2k3)
  • new: Terminal Server Licensing (win2k3)
  • new: POP3 Service (win2k3)
  • new: AGP filters
  • new: AMD IDE Controller (Win2k3+)
  • new: File and Print Services for Macintosh (Win2k3)
  • update: Ethernet drivers
  • update: Jet Database Engine
  • update: Terminal Services for Win2k3
  • update: Wireless Service for Win2k3
  • update: BITS, now removes Win2k3 BITS Server Extensions
  • fix: Help (while installing printer missing help files)
v1.0.1 Final
  • new: Catala and Urdu interface language
  • new: 7zip, Zip and RAR compressed addons support
  • update: Internet Explorer 7 beta 3 integration support (XP only)
  • update: Sereby Pack integration support returned
  • fix: Textmode driver integration (if it worked for you in RC8)
  • fix: Full names 'Administrator' and 'Guest' not allowed
  • fix: False Make ISO success report if ISO was unwriteable
v1.0 Final
  • new: Swedish interface language
  • new: Automatic Updates Unattended setup
  • new: Hotfixes and Update Packs MD5-Checksum on right-click
  • fix: Empty lines in Tweaks like in French translation
  • fix: Enable Remote Desktop tweak
  • fix: Exiting while integrating addons (Kels + RVM issue)
  • update: Saved Sony Memory Stick with Cameras compatibility option
  • update: System Restore % minimum value
  • update: Direct Integration support for non-English KB916281