Startup error 0xc0000135
nLite needs .NET Framework 2.0 or newer to be installed, you can get the links on the Download page or search at
What to do with ISO file?
ISO file needs to be burned like image, not like normal files.
For example with Nero, go to Recorder - Burn Image - Select newly made ISO file.
Or simply use it with virtual machines like VMWare or Virtual PC.
How to integrate nForce SATA drivers?
Windows 32-bit instructions
Windows 64-bit instructions
Missing ID file on browse (like Win51ip)?
Be sure to copy all CD/DVD root files, not just i386 folder. If you have OEM distribution then open notepad, type Windows, then press space, then enter. Save file as win51ip or any similiar reported into the main folder.
Why can't I set RAID cluster other than 4kB?
That's Windows NTFS limitation from XP Service Pack 2, if you find a workaround let me know. Works with FAT32.
Can I integrate Creative Audigy/SBLive! drivers?
It's not recommended since that particular driver is consisted of 2 parts, first one is normal driver update and then the second part is done after first reboot. Since Windows during install triggers those portions too early then driver is not fully installed. Not nLite's fault.
Why Shutdown computer doesn't fully shutdown?
Control Panel - Power Management - APM, turn it on.
Or reinstall but in Unattended page - Computer Type choose Automatic.
Can i run nLite again to remove even more things without starting over?
Can i add things back once they have been removed?
While you can't add things back to an nLited installation, you can use an original Windows installation source and import a previous session to further refine the selections made in that previous session.  To do this, manually specify the source installation as you did before, allow nlite to perform the copy, and remember to import the .ini file from the previously-created session.
Will you support Windows 98/ME?
No, sorry but that's just too old. If you have slow computer try nLited Windows 2000, ISO can go down to little over 60MB, it's really fast.
What is 'Last Session.ini' for?
It's last settings used while making last adjustments. It is by default copied to your newly made ISO so in the future when you want something to change and start all over all you need to do is import 'Last Session' from the CD/DVD into Presets page and proceed with changes from there. All your previous settings will be loaded.
How can i easily test the ISO?
Use one of these Virtual Machines: VMWare, Virtual PC. Just load ISO into the virtual CD/DVD rom.
Can I integrate programs?
Not really but there is addons support and you may use it in that manner but it can do much more. Also Unattended - RunOnce page may come in handy.
My drivers are exe files! How do I integrate them?
It's only possible with extractable drivers. Extract that exe file with right click and choose Extract To... (you can use Winrar for that). After extraction find folder with INF file(s) in it and select any of them.
What components are safe to remove?
That's up to you to decide. Just be careful of dependencies, many of them written in component description.
You can start by loading preset Safe from File-Load-Safe. Also be careful with red components.
Can I use localised version of Windows?
Yes, any language. If you have any issues please report them.
Can I make ISO manually or with some other program?
Yes, after nLitement you can do with that folder whatever you usually do.
I made an ISO, can i add more drivers in second run?
Yes, since nLite 1.0 RC4.
I dont have repair [R] option at install, why, and how can I get it back?
In the Unattended - General page, the Unattended Mode, set to
'Prompt repair'.
Can I translate nLite to my native language?
Yes of course. Use the nlite\lang\translation.txt as a template.
Also if you find some of already present translations to be unfinished or badly translated contact the author to see if you can take over. If there is no response you can contact me.
I integrated display driver but Windows still installs default driver?
You need to use WHQL signed drivers or remove default driver of the same type in Component Removal page.
My CD is not bootable, what to do?
You may try burning at lower speeds.
If that doesn't help then Google for "cdimage.exe", which is MS internal ISO creation tool.
Copy it where you installed nLite. Start nLite and go to the Make ISO page where it should indicate (CDIMAGE) on top of the page; remake it.
Unattended display settings don't work?
Because your display drivers were not installed during the installation.
If your card is newer then you must integrate display driver and remove Windows default display drivers.
If they don't work in the virtual machine that is because the virtual machine does not have the hardware you have and because of that the display drivers will not be installed. That does not mean that the drivers will not be installed on the real machine.
What are these P(1) PE error popups?
Means that you are using addons with have one of these files patched, in non-original form:

Avoid using such patched files and use nLite generic patches on Patches page instead.
If you don't use such addons and still get these errors please notify me.
How to enable Unattended setup?
After setting up nLite unattended page and letting it process, you can start Unattended installation from HDD from that folder, inside i386 subfolder with command:
"winnt32 /unattend:winnt.sif"
note: For this to work you need to keep Manual Install component. Better and recommended way would be to make ISO and burn it on CD then boot from it.
How to reinstall WMI?
This is helpful if you want to reinstall WMI without reinstalling the OS, in order to be able to run 3DMark06 (they added some SystemInfo checking which uses this particular service). Extract (Open with Winrar, Winzip or similiar) file wbemoc.in_ from the full Windows CD i386 (or amd64) folder to Windows\inf folder then run (Start - Run) this: rundll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection wbemoc.inf, WBEM When it asks for the files point it to the full Windows CD, i386 (or amd64) folder. After it finishes copying, reboot the machine. Try 3DMark. If that didn't help at first, as it didn't for me but it was necessary for the next steps, get a tool called Dial-a-Fix.
In it, under Tools choose "Reset WMI" and Go. Reboot after finished. If maybe it still doesn't work then try this but be careful when tampering with the registry.
Repeat it all but first add to the end of the string (do not replace the whole string, just add to the end of it), this: ;%SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem To the registry key using regedit (Start - Run - Regedit) under: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
\Session Manager
So it looks something like: %SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;%SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem
Why does Timezone setting doesn't work?
This happens only if you choose ProvideDefault as Unattended mode, it's not an nLite issue, that's a Windows bug.
Quick fix would be to use one of the other Unattended modes, like DefaultHide.
Why is OOBE skipped?
It can be one or more of these reasons:

- Autologon isn't disabled
(set it to none)

- AutoUpdate isn't set to Default
(this one will be checked is it possible to setup and still have OOBE)

- Don't select OOBE for removal in Components page
(if the page is enabled in the first place)

- Use some other Unattended mode than Fully Automated because that one in order to be fully automated will skip the OOBE, try Hide Defaults.

- To ensure proper OOBE functionality select Windows Activation compatibility if you remove any components.
Which Entries.ini commands are supported?
Addons Entries.ini syntax
Why am I getting the corrupted sys file on F6 floppy driver loading?
That is the Windows bug (or a feature) when using Unattended in any way. So to solve that either don't use Unattended page, or delete i386\winnt.sif file (amd64\winnt.sif for 64bit). Or integrate that floppy driver with nLite driver integration page (recommended).
How to integrate WMP11?
Download the WMP11 installer from Microsoft, install the WMP11 Slipstreamer then simply run nLite and insert the WMP11 installer into the Hotfixes page. Report any bugs related to the WMP11 Slipstreamer no their forum.
How to integrate IE7?
Download the IE7 installer from Microsoft and insert it into the nLite Hotfixes page, simple as that.