nLite 1.4.5 beta
Hey hey...finally something fun happening in the pre-Vista world.
Few changes to support XP SP3 and Internet Explorer 8.

Also hotfix integration engine had some updates so more hotfixes should be supported with the direct integration, especially non-English ones.
Have fun and report any issues, now is time for fixin', this release was basically adding some new stuff.
XP SP3 RC1 build 3264
It came to my attention that some users experienced a few issues with the latest SP3 version.
It was all caused by the Security Center removal. So keep that component if you use this SP3 build until the next update. Previous builds worked fine.
nLite 1.4.1
More and more people started to report that setup hangs during saving settings if you keep SFC enabled. And no matter what I try it always worked fine.
Finally managed to replicate the issue so here is the fixed release. It also contains the silent update which solved the issues people had while running nLite under Vista.
Btw XP SP3 RC works fine with nLite.
Thank you all for your help and support.
nLite 1.4 Final
Here is the final version to finish this series, goint to start on a new set of features. Check the last and all changes from the previous final version here.
Of course if anything important breaks it will be dealt with without waiting for the next beta.
The SFC issue is finally fixed, that thing when you keep SFC enabled and integrate IE7, then on hardware install it would popup like you need a Windows CD to recover some files.
nLite 1.4 RC2
Just a quick important fix. If you have issues with some services and removed Network Provisioning then this update will fix that. I apologize for any inconvenience.
Good thing was that this issue requires quite a unique combination of removals to be effective, thus it was not detected during preliminary testing and majority of users was not affected.
nLite 1.4 RC
After a long delay because of the summer, a new project and other stuff here is the bug fixed version of the last beta.
It would have been a final but since it was not updated for so long it is better to go carefully with an RC first.

Some of you still have that SFC popup, I hear you and I will check on it before the final. You know you can disable it in the Options - Patches. But if you really want it and you just integrate then know that IE7 integration is one of the causes. Others are component removal and patches.

What's changed.
nLite 1.4 beta
Decided to go with more removals, some new tweaks (thx r3incarnat0r) and 2 important fixes.
Among those fixes is the dredful WFP/SFC popup if left enabled. With the help of vacation-man ElTorqiro it is fixed. So if the file protection still popups when you install a new hardware please let me know.
Other fix is the newly introduced x64 SP2 tcpip patch. The patch was fine but the file wasn't properly saved and could cause services to fail, so if you had x64 SP2 issues and you used this patch then you can try this version.

nLite 1.3.5
Here is something that cannot wait for the 1.4 branch, a few important fixes.
Thanks to your reports it was easy to select the most important issues.
The duplicate entries in the svcpack.inf under certain conditions and IE7 64bit integration issues.

Check the changes.
nLite 1.3 Final
After a (insert 'relatively' here) little delay here it is, pack of fixes to conclude the version. To see the changes in this and every other update since 1.2 for those who stick only with the final versions check the changelog.

Can't wait for the 1.4 and the beta induced freedom, thank you for your support.
nLite 1.3 RC2
Collected a few important fixes so here is an update.

If you were not affected by those and already used 1.3RC then you can wait for a final version which should not take long.
nLite 1.3 RC
New year, new web design, new version.

I hope you like the new site more than the old one since the old one was made 3 years ago and it wasn't up to the standards.

This nLite release is much more stable than 1.3beta but since we all haven't been around to test it to the bone it is not yet final.

nLite 1.3 beta
Here is my gift to you, more removals and some important fixes and upgrades. Happy holidays and have fun!

What's new.
vLite project
In case you missed it there is now a new project called vLite also developed by me and the goal is to make nLite for Vista. Check it out at

This of course doesn't mean that I'll abandon this one as they are both equally important to me. Have fun and spread the word.
nLite 1.2.1
Seems like a standard now to fix few bugs at the same day of the release.
Thank you for the prompt response and here is my prompt action. Fixes.
nLite 1.2 Final
Here is the latest collection of fixes, new features introduced in 1.2 are now stable.
Not going to drag thousands of RCs like before.
Integration of Internet Explorer 7 Final is now quite good and for the all important changes from v1.0.1 through v1.2 check in the changelog.
nLite 1.2 RC
Responses on the 1.2 beta were great and some of you found some issues.
So here is the update with quite a handful of fixes.
FrameworkLite R3
Update for the alternative runtimes to work with the nLite v1.2

Check it on the download page.
nLite 1.2 Beta
Finally all that was planned for this version is finished. Since it has many changes it's labeled as beta so be careful if you don't test your installations first.
IE7 integration is a little problematic so it's not advised to be used in other than Windows XP 32bit even though it works in others too.

From this version nLite supports burning too through burning library from Binary Magic.

For the long list of changes go here. Have fun and I hope it doesn't dissapoint.
FrameworkLite R2
On Download page there is now an update of the smaller version of the .NET Framework for those who still don't want to install the full thing.
This one is made to support upcoming version and to solve some issues on certain machines during nLite startup.
Let me know if this one doesn't work for you while previous one did.

About next nLite, it will be labeled as version 1.1, in public beta status because of many new features and upgraded existing ones. I can't tell you the exact date because it depends how many bugs are yet to be solved during internal testing but it will be worth of waiting ;)
nLite 1.0.1 Final
This is an update of 1.0 with the critical SATA/RAID integration fix, so if it worked for you until RC8 then didn't in 1.0, now again it will be ok.
Also you may now update your addons to 7zip. Changes.
nLite 1.0 Final
Finally here, I hope it's stable enough and that I can finally continue adding features. Changes. If I however did some last minute mistake I'm gonna update it quickly, this one wasn't so much tested during alpha testing since it doesn't contain any big updates...that will soon change ;)